Shipping from the Netherlands (EU) once a week ^-^ノ ♡

Pin grading

Pin grading varies from maker to maker. My grading is quite strict and I’m doing my very best to send the best pins to you, but please keep in mind that as enamel pins are handmade items they’re not always 1000% perfect.


Standard pins

These are the highest quality pins I’m offering. They’re perfect or almost perfect & don’t have any major flaws, but can have minor flaws, for example:

  • Superficial marks or scratches
  • Superficial dust or bubbles
  • Tiny bit low or uneven color filling
  • Tiny bit off-centered screen printing
  • Imperfections on the back of the pin
  • Superficial flaws that you can only see when inspecting the pin very close or in certain lighting

Seconds pins

Seconds grade pins are sold with a big discount, but are still adorable & wearable & have only small flaws, for example:

  • More noticeable marks or scratches
  • More noticeable dust or bubbles
  • More noticeably low or uneven color filling
  • More off-centered screen printing
  • More noticeable areas of oxidation

Anything that’s lower grade than seconds is not sold as they’re not good and wearable anymore.